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About Volunteerism Program

It aims to develop the Volunteerism's System in the Yemeni local NGO's.

Specific Objective:
Increase number of volunteers either in Youth Leadership Development Foundation or in other Yemeni NGOs.

Three months through which volunteer can move around all the units of the both Centers (GWCC- YEDC) and so learn much about different tasks.

Training Materials:
Volunteer are provided with one week capacity building training before he\she get hired as volunteer. Following subjects are provided:
Voluntary Concept - Basics of Leadership - Communication Skills.
TEAM Building - Work Ethics - Costumers Services.

Program Advantages:

  • Get a participation certificate upon completing the one week training.
  • Get copy of the training materials and a CD.
  • Build up volunteers' experience and relations.
  • Get a Recommendation Letter upon finishing the volunteering period.

For registration:
Applications could be found at Girls World Communication Center or Youth Economic Development Center











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